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Non-contact monitoring of vital signs earns admiration of Czech Innovation Festival attendees

In the end, attendees chose the system for filtering drinking water from pig slurry that was developed by the Research Technology Institute; however, LINET’s presentation of its innovation certainly could not complain of a lack of attention. Attendees were able to…



Multicare participa de audiência real

Representantes da LINET, que tem sede na Holanda e é membro da câmara de comércio do país, participaram de uma missão comercial na Dinamarca sob o patrocínio de Sua Majestade, o Rei Willem-Alexander. A missão focou em cuidados de saúde dinamarquesa e foi uma…



Sentida 7-i wins prestigious design award

The Sentida line of nursing care beds is one of the most popular in the LINET Group portfolio not only thanks to its advanced technical characteristics and features but also its design. This was demonstrated last year when the line won the prominent PlusX Award and Red…



LINET innovation vying for top prize in competition Czech innovation

A piezoelectric sensor for measuring mechanical signals from the body has prevailed in the first round of the competition known as Czech innovation (Česká inovace) in the category of Innovative Company. Development of the device is the work of LINET’s Vladimír Kolář.

LINET expands antidecubitus mattress portfolio


LINET expands antidecubitus mattress portfolio

According to statistics provided by National Reference Centre (NRC), approximately one fifth of patients in the Czech Republic are at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Not only do pressure ulcers carry the threat of secondary medical complications, they also present…